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Contact: Denisa Gibovic
Mail: info@blueroominnovation.com


Description: Blue Room Innovation is a high-tech company with strong focus on business growth by the uptake of enabling, cutting edge IT technologies, and a perfect fit with the proper consultancy to leverage that growth by public and private funding.

We are an innovative company with a prepared, versatile, and multifaceted team with experience in the implementation of innovative projects that respond to current social challenges. At the same time, we work with companies across Europe and understand their challenge to create, implement innovation project such Erasmus +.

Our strategic objective is to join the platform economy and connect relevant actors with circular economy processes, promoting sustainable consumption. We view technology as a fundamental enabler to achieve the sustainability goals of the Green Deal.

site: https://www.blueroominnovation.com/en


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Description: IDEC is a training consulting company located in Piraeus, Greece. Its activities consist of training, management consulting and participation in European projects.

site: https://www.idec.gr/


Contact: Charles KRIM


Description:FAPEL (Umbrella organisation of the Luxembourg Parents’ Associations) was born on 07/05/1974 under the name of FAPEEPP.

FAPEL groups and represents Basic and Secondary education.
Parents’ Committees of Students.
Students’ parents.
With more than 3.000 members FAPEL is Luxembourg’s national federation for parents’ associations.
We are part of four ongoing Erasmus+ projects
We provide free training & coaching sessions to Luxembourg’s parents (& sometimes students)
We are recognized as a national public utility organization

site: https://www.fapel.lu/


Contact: Xavier FETTWEIS and Sébastien DOUTRELOUP
E-mail:  xavier.fettweis@uliege.be; s.doutreloup@uliege.be


Description: ULiège consists of 11 faculties, 4 University cities and 25.421 students. 92.300 students have graduated from ULiège. In this project, the representant of Uliege is the Laboratory of Climatology of ULiège. The research carried out at the Laboratory of Climatology of ULiège is mainly based on results from the MAR regional climate model that we develop and that we use in particular: – Study, in the Polar Regions, the current (> 1850) and future (<2200) evolution of the climate and mass balance of the ice sheets. – Study over Belgium, at very high resolution (5km), wind and solar fields impacting energy production as well as hydro-climatic conditions favouring flooding in the Ardennes. – Study the snow cover changes over the Alps and more generally over Europe. – Study vegetation changes and impacts on climate over Africa where MAR is used to regionalize future scenarios. – Perform, every day, weather forecasts +10day over Belgium and over Greenland at high spatio- temporal resolution Some members of the Laboratory also teach courses in the Bachelor’s degree in Geography, in the Master’s degree in Global Change in the ULiege and in a MOOC about climate change. The number of paid staff in the Laboratory of Climatology is about 10 employees.

site: https://www.uliege.be/

Instituto Agrario Bell-lloc del Pla SA

Contact: Josep Maria Simon i Colomer
E-mail: txema.simon@bell-lloc.org

Country: Spain

Description: Bell-lloc is a pre-primary, primary, secondary and Baccalaureate school in Girona. Its educational proposal blends the best of its tradition with validated innovation to respond to the educational challenges of the 21st century.

The core of the educational project is personalised education, a culture of thought, multilingualism, and careful technological and robotic education, as well as educational and curriculum ingredients that are promoted in a pro-academic climate of rigour and freedom and respect for the environment.

Site: https://www.bell-lloc.org/

Scuola Europea di Varese 

Contact: Ariane Farinelle
E-mail: var-director@eursc.eu

Country: Italy

Description:  The European School of Varese (1380 students) has joined the Green school project. A green school is a school that promises to reduce its negative impact on the environment and educates its pupils on the active attitude towards the whole ecosystem. In past years , thanks to some teachers, our school has been following the good model in terms of energy saving, rubbish management and didactical activities leading to higher environmental awareness. The time has come to include our students, teachers, colleagues, parents and management in a long term project which leads to a respectful attitude towards the environment. Through this project we want to focus on the primary school (550 pupils) with the goal to educate for the future.

Site: https://www.eurscva.eu/

Primary School of Vareia

Contact: Tsagkou Georgia
E-mail: tsagkoug@gmail.com

Country: Greece

Description:  The primary school of Varia has been involved for many years with environmental and health programs. More specifically, in collaboration with the University of The Aegean, it has implemented programs related to Recycling, the avoidance of the use of plastic and the utilization of garbage from the beaches. For the latter, in particular, it presented an exhibition with the students’ constructions from recyclable materials and a competition for better exhibits. 
Also, the school this year participates in two Erasmus programs with titles: The Greener Green and my Blue home; the two programs are interested in the protection of the seabed and the planet. Our school participates in a European social entrepreneurship program Nutrition and healthy living programs are also carried out at the school within the framework of the national curriculum.

This project has been funded with the support from the European Commission under the Erasmus+ grant KA220-SCH-4FF8CAF1 . This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.