Our proudest achievements

Greener Green E-learning course

This course is designed for teachers.

It will teach them how:

  • To implement changes for a greener school.
  • To adapt everyday environmentally conscious practices.
  • To inspire and share these practices with their students in the classroom. 

To use the digital Assessment tool to evaluate how green are their everyday practices, and to implement changes if necessary. 

Click here to participate in the training course. (coming soon)

Greener Green Evaluation and assessment tool

With this tool you can assess how “Green” is your primary school, and implement changes in specific areas, if needed .

Click here for the assessment tool

Greener Green Platform for pupils

Join with your class, register your everyday practices, assess if they are green, learn how they can be improved and win digital awards in the process. 

Are you Green or Greener Green? 

Click here to find out! (coming soon)

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